4-Stroke Outboards

4-Stroke Outboards



F85 EFI Outboard Motor

F85 is based on the same block as the F115. Parsun 85HP 4-stroke outboard motor is equipped with electronic fuel injection, which does not require a battery and provides excellent fuel economy, easy start, slower trolling speed, quick throttle response, lower emission and very smooth rides on the water.  

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  • F85 EFI Outboard Motor

    ● Fuel-water separator and fuel filter prevent any debris or water in the fuel from getting into the engine.

    ● Built-in freshwater flushing system provides easy routine flushing.

    ● High output 18 amp alternator for battery charging and fishing electronics.

    ● Multi point electronic fuel injection with ECM control delivers the precise fuel / air mixture for optimum combustion and provides smooth running.

    ● Warning & protection: Several different sensors continually monitor the critical engine's major functions. They will send out special signals to inform you in advance, such as over-revving, overheating, start-in-gear protection for safe engine starting, safety lanyard or low oil pressure, and automatically reduce the engine power to prevent damage.

  • F85 EFI Outboard Motor

    1. Equipped with a reliable Delphi E.F.I. system and multifunction diagnostic scanner (scanner available as option), the outboard motor ensures high quality, long life and easily maintenance, while reducing your fuel and maintenance costs.

    2. Through propeller hub exhaust and long shaft provides a smooth quiet operation.

    3. Long-term durability of critical engine components: water cooling fuel system, stainless steel water pump housing liner and camshaft-driven engine oil pump ensure the outstanding durability.

    4.Large displacement and single overhead cam increase the low-end power with smooth and strong performance, and help the operator get excellent acceleration even when pushing a heavy load.


Specs OptionsF85BEL-T/F85FEX-T
Transom Height20/25in.


Full Throttle Operating Range5300~6300r/min
Maximum Putput62.5kW(85HP)@5600r/min
Idling Speed800~900 r/min
Engine TypeL4  SOHC  16 Valve
Displacement1832 cc
Bore*Stroke81.0×88.9 mm
Ignition SystemTCI
Control SystemTiller/Remote
Start SystemElectric start
Gear PositionsF-N-R
Gear Ratio2.15
Trim And Tilt SystemElectric
Fuel Tank CapacityExternal
Max. Fuel Consumption30.5L/h
Engine Oil Capacity3L
Gear Oil Capacity760cc
Propeller Potions3-15"in or 3-17"in
Specs Options description:
1. The propeller shall be selected according to the size and purpose of the boat;
2. F in front of 90 means "four-stroke". B=Back control ( Tiller )    F=Front control     E= Electric start   L= Long shift

Our F85 models are perfect for aluminum fishing boats, bay boats, inflatable boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats.  They are designed to satisfy the demand of leisure boaters with all kinds of boats.  Parsun 100HP EFI outboard motors are powerful, reliable and easy to operate.

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