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Parsun is developing dealer network globally. It's a great honor to work with global dealers and provide high-quality outboard motors to customers worldwide. If you are interested in outboard motors, please fill out the application form. Parsun's dealership manager will contact you soon.

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The outboard motor market is experiencing a period of rapid growth due to the increasing demand for water sports. According to market statistics, the outboard machine market sales in 2021 is approximately $10 billion, and this figure is projected to increase by 50% in 2022.



At Parsun, we strive to make our customers more competitive by providing a variety of high-quality products and strong support for the market.

A variety of high-quality products

Parsun offers a wide range of outboard motors, covering a power range of 2HP-115HP, which can well meet the needs of different users in the market. Our professional procurement team strictly controls the quality of raw materials, and we have established a complete quality control system in accordance with ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards. Furthermore, all of our products are tested under simulated working conditions before delivery.

Strong support for market

As a well-known outboard motor brand, Parsun has a wide recognition and reputation worldwide. We provide our dealers with high-quality products, perfect technical training, and professional after-sales service. Additionally, we offer advertising support, exhibition support, promotional support, and a full set of marketing materials to help distributors develop the market and serve users.

Competitive Price and Margin

Our products are competitively priced and offer a healthy margin for dealers. We have developed great relationships with suppliers, and we offer superior cost control.

No worry about after-sales service

We provide product and technical training for dealers, as well as sufficient product information, and we also provide outboard spare parts and accessories. Additionally, we offer services to dealers through face-to-face communication.


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