Go fishing by 5m rubber boat with 4-stroke 60hp outboard motor

Nov. 15, 2022

In my opinion, there is nothing more fun than fishing, especially with good friends. When you're having a hard time, inviting a buddy with a lure to drive the rubber boat at a high speed, and then cast a few rods , I will leave troubles behind. When I'm happy, I'm only happier if I go fishing outdoors.

My boat is 5 meters long, matched with a PARSUN 60hp 4-stroke outboard motor with the electronic fuel injection system, which saves fuel and is very powerful at the same time. It's easy to load 4-5 people  for the F60 outboard motor. The high horsepower outboard motor gives me a very good feeling of flying on the water.

Go fishing by 5m rubber boat with 4-stroke 60hp outboard motor

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