4-Stroke Outboards

4-Stroke Outboards



F115 EFI Outboard Motor

The F115 is a high-power 4-stroke outboard motor, suitable for both personal and commercial use. With 115hp, it provides high speed capabilities and excellent power performance. The large displacement also increases the loading capacity, making it compatible with larger boats such as 7-8m rubber and fiberglass boats. Parsun is the first manufacturer to mass produce 115hp outboard motors in China.

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  • F115 EFI Outboard Motor

    the first manufacturer to mass produce 115hp outboard motor

    1. All-aluminum design, engine without cylinder sleeve, four-cylinder in-line, 16-valve, common rail injector, and electronic multi-point fuel injection provide a perfect blend of smooth and economic performance.

    2 Twin camshafts, each driven independently, improve intake and exhaust efficiency, optimizing fuel use during combustion.

    3. The timing belt is automatically controlled by a tensioner, which extends its service life and enhances its performance reliability.

    4. The system includes a multi-stage fuel filtration system, comprising of a fuel-water separator, built-in fuel filter, high pressure filter, and water content sensor, to ensure that the fuel is clean and reliable.

    5. The system features a lightweight and compact Power Trim and Tilt unit.

  • F115 EFI Outboard Motor

    6. Equipped with a reliable Delphi E.F.I. system and multifunction diagnostic software, the F115 boasts high quality, long life, and easy maintenance, while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

    7. The F115 EFI is controlled by an ECU unit, ensuring precise air intake for optimal power and fuel efficiency.

    8. The system can run with twin F115, with a propeller that can rotate forward and reverse for increased operational flexibility.

    9. The system includes a multi-function handle for the tiller model, featuring front-mounted ignition key switch, gear shift controls, and easy-to-use throttle control.

    10. The outboard motor color can be customized to user preferences.


Specs Options  F115FEL-T/ F115FEX-T/ F115FEL-T-L/ F115FEX-T-L
Transom Height25in. / 20in.
Full Throttle Operating Range5300~6300r/min
Maximum Putput85kW(115HP)@5600r/min
Idling Speed800~900 r/min
Engine TypeL4, 16 valve,DOHC
Displacement1832 cc
Ignition SystemTCI
Steering SystemRemote 
Start SystemElectric start
Gear PositionsF-N-R
Gear Ratio2.15
Trim And Tilt SystemGas Assist / Electric
Fuel Tank CapacityExternal Tank
Max. Fuel Consumption38.9L/H
Engine Oil Capacity3L
Gear Oil Capacity760cc
Propeller Potions3-17"in or 3-15"in

Parameter description:
1. The propeller shall be selected according to the size and purpose of the boat;

2. Model description: 

Initial letter F=Four Stroke     B=Back control(Tiller)    F=Front Control(Remote box)    E=Electric starting, L=Long shaft, X=Extra long shaft, - T=Electric hitch, - D=hydraulic lifting

3. By adjusting the engine parameter settings, F115 can be changed to F100, a 100 horsepower outboard engine.

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