2-Stroke Outboards

2-Stroke Outboards



T15 Outboard Motor

T15 is a two-stroke 15hp outboard engine, suitable for personal recreational use, with good compatibility and easier maneuverability. The T15 is powerful enough to meet the needs of a family or several friends to have a fun day on water. Due to its light weight, this outboard engine is also easy to carry and transport.

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Product Features

  • T15 Outboard Motor

    What is the difference between T15 and TE15? How should I make a choose?

    They are all two stroke outboard motors and have good quality. The differences are as follow:

    In terms of weight, the T15 is lighter, therefor it is more transportable.

    In terms of functional localization, the T15 focuses on personal recreational use, so it has easier control and lighter weight, while the TE15 focuses on commercial use, so it has better reliability and durability.

    Therefore, PARSUN's recommendations for everyone as follow:

    If you buy an outboard motor to go out fishing normally or enjoy water recreation with your family, then you should choose T15.

    If you buy an outboard for commercial use such as fishing industry, then you can choose TE15.


Overall LengthT15BMS/T15BML
Transom Height15in./20in.
Dry Weight36-37Kg
Max. RPM range4500~5500r/min
Max. outpower11kW(15HP)@5000r/min
Idling RPM range950~1050 r/min
Engine TypeL 2  Reed Valve
Bore X Stroke56×50 mm
Ignition TimingCDI
Steering SystemTiller handle
Starting SystemManual start
Gear ShiftF-N-R
Gear Ratio2.08 
Trim &TiltManual
Fuel Tank Capacity24L
Max. Fuel Consumption7.9L/h
Gear Oil Capacity250cc
Mixing Ratio(fuel:oil)50:1

Parameter description:
1. B=Back control(Tiller handle), M=Manual starting, S=Short shaft, L=Long shaft

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