Outboard Spare Parts

Outboard Spare Parts



EFI Outboard Motors Touch Screen Gauge

Parsun offers a multi-functions digital 5.5" gauges which bring more convenience, flexibility and clear information for EFI outboard motors.

Category: Outboard Spare Parts



Regular functions

  • Engine speed

  • Trim position

  • Engine temperature;

  • Oil pressure

  • Main battery voltage

  • Boat speed

  • Engine operation hours

  • Water temperature

  • Fuel level

  • GPS

Alter indication

  • Overheat

  • Low oil pressure

  • Low voltage

  • Exhaust temperature

  • Intake manifold

  • Intake temperature

  • Propeller speed

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Throttle position sensor

  • Idle air control position

  • Timing advance

EFI Outboard Motors Gauge


  • Diagnostic  failure codes

  • Failure records

  • Failure clearing

  • Maintenance interval

Basic setting

  •   Date

  •   Languages selection

  •   Time zone

  •   Metric/Imperial units

  •   Brightness

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