Joy1.2  Electric Outboard Motor

Joy1.2 Electric Outboard Motor

Equivalent 3HP1.2KW1440Wh



Joy1.2 is a portable 3HP electric outboard motor made for dinghies, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a 1440Wh large integrated lithium battery for longer range. The electric motor is great for sustainable sailing experience. 


Speed & Range

Power (W)Speed (mph/kph)Runtime (hh:mm)Range (mile/km)
600W4.3 / 6.92:2410.3 / 16.6
800w4.8 / 7.71:488.6 / 13.9
1000w5.2 / 8.31:267.5 / 12
1200w5.4 / 8.71:126.5 / 10.4

* This test data is sourced from PARSUN R&D lab, based on a 3 meter inflatable with 2 adults on board and in a calm river. The actual operating speed and range will vary depending on the boat type, load and water conditions.

Largest Capacity Battery

The high-density rechargeable battery is lightweight and rugged enough for harsh conditions, and boasts the largest capacity in its class for longer running time.

1440Wh lithium battery

1440Wh lithium battery

The largest capacity lithium battery in its class, longer range.

Floating design

Floating design

The battery is designed to float in the event it is dropped into water with water proof to IP67.

Up to 100% Only 2 Hours

Up to 100% Only 2 Hours

Fast charger and standard charger as option.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

The battery will automatically enter hibernation mode if left unused for an extended period, reducing battery loss.

Visual Display


Digital LCD display

Provide real-time information on the operating status of the outboard.


Electric start

Press the power button down, and then you're ready to go. Eliminate the need for manual wire pulling.


Magnetic emergency switch

Allow for quick shutdown in emergency situations for added safety.


Stepless throttle replacement

For a clear, smooth, and pleasant operation.


Backlight display

The backlight makes readability easy in low light conditions.


Power1.2 kW (3HP equivalent)
Standard Battery1440 Wh lithium battery
Rated Voltage36V
Total Weight20kg(short)
Battery Weight9.2kg
Standard Charging8H
Fast Charging2H
External BatteryYes,
Trim/ Tilt Angle0°,5°, 10°,15°/ 75°
Shaft Length



Steer SystemTiller Handle
Direct DriveYes
Range1 hr 12 minutes@rated power
Water ProofIP67
Rated RPM (Propeller Speed)1750

* The weight is measured with the short shaft version.


Main Shaft

Main Shaft



Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Emergency Stop Switch

Emergency Stop Switch

User Manual

User Manual

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  • Q: Will the motor turn off automatically if I forget to power off after use


    In order to save power, increase battery life and avoid battery waste, our engineers designed the automatic sleep function for the electric outboard. In other words, when you do not operate the machine for a long time, the machine will automatically enter the sleep state. If you need to use it again, you need to press the power button.The interval is set to 30 minutes.

  • Q: Can I use the electric outboard motor in the saltwater?


    Yes! In addition, not only the joy1.2 electric outboard motor, but also all the outboard motors from Parsun are designed for extensive use in the saltwater. We choose high-quality aluminum alloy as the base material, and apply anodizing coating and powder coating on top of it. For more info, please check Parsun Blog: How do we make an outboard corrosion-resistant?

  • Q: How to store the battery during a long term


    First, Even if the battery is not used, the battery will lose power after a long time, which is normal.

    Second, the battery must be stored in a dry environment and packaged well.

    Finally, do not store it when the battery is fully charged. 60% around is the ideal storage state. Please remember to charge the battery every three months.

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